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officiate / исполнять обязанности, совершать богослужение
исполнять обязанности
officiate, fill
совершать богослужение
minister, officiate
act as an official in charge of something, as a sporting event.
the first woman to officiate a men's basketball game
Referees generally officiate in their domestic leagues.
I am very happy to officiate at this hand-over of jerseys to the Nkwazi volleyball club.
three judges will officiate at the two Grands Prix
The Spa club requires umpires and linesmen to officiate at games with our own referees.
They represent their town at functions and those chosen to represent Wiltshire might also be asked to officiate at events across the county.
Already the diocese of Boston has 200 such deacons, who can officiate at weddings, conduct funeral services, visit the sick, distribute Holy Communion - and preach.
Unlike in Christianity, marriage is not a sacrament, and monks do not officiate at wedding ceremonies.
During the Police Sport Meet held in March this year, he volunteered to officiate as a Judge in the Pole Vault event.
Requests for him to officiate at services outside a church building are up 25 percent.
I counsel couples seeking marriage and officiate at their weddings.