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officially / официально, формально
officially, formally
formally, officially, pro forma
in a formal and public way.
next month the election campaign will officially begin
What the city has known for some time has been officially acknowledged by the Chief Superintendent.
Events officially began when a government official gave permission for people of all ranks to wear masks.
For taxation purposes, the deal has been officially classed as a demerger rather than a management buyout.
He mentioned his brother when he officially launched his campaign in June this year.
It has urged people this weekend to attend only officially authorised protests.
There is a big gap between estimates of the numbers wounded and the figure that the military officially admits.
The report never made it to the president's desk, and thus never officially existed.
on June 24 the election campaign will officially begin
next month the election campaign will officially begin
The hunt for a new apartment officially began on Saturday with me making about 10 calls.