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officer / офицер, должностное лицо, чиновник
имя существительное
officer, commissioned officer
должностное лицо
official, officer, executive, functionary, administrator, placeman
official, officer, clerk, functionary, placeman, officiary
command, lead, order about, officer, be in charge of, king it over
имя существительное
a person holding a position of command or authority in the armed services, in the merchant marine, or on a passenger ship.
Anderson later served as a warrant officer and commissioned officer in the Army Reserve.
a holder of a public, civil, or ecclesiastical office.
a probation officer
a member of a certain grade in some honorary orders.
It was attended in a body by the officers and members of the Yukon order of Pioneers.
provide with military officers.
the aristocracy continued to wield considerable political power, officering the army
What is hair raising though is that a civil servant, an officer from the Road Traffic Commission, is involved.
I would not be in favor of seeing another commanding officer in charge of the military.
He did not see his passport, and the agent dealt with the immigration officer at the airport.
naval officer
It is also an offence to make false representation to an immigration officer .
They are interrupted by a knock on the door and Val is horrified to find a bailiff officer on her doorstep.
a probation officer
Francis becomes chief marketing officer and managing director at the Wayne, Pa., company.
She said the Minister appointed the chief executive officer of the authority last week.
a chief executive officer