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office / офис, бюро, служба
имя существительное
bureau, office, pool, secretaire
service, office, duty, job, employment, corps
имя существительное
a room, set of rooms, or building used as a place for commercial, professional, or bureaucratic work.
computers first appeared in offices in the late 1970s
a position of authority, trust, or service, typically one of a public nature.
the office of attorney general
a service or kindness done for another person or group of people.
the series of services of prayers and psalms said (or chanted) daily by Roman Catholic priests, members of religious orders, and other clergy.
The Divine Office has always been faithfully kept by lay people - not just clergy, monks and nuns-for centuries.
The disappointment in the cases may be due to a misconception about the office and authority of the President.
The oldest engineering company in Colchester is selling off half its office space but jobs won't be lost.
She hopped into the truck and backed it into the hangar-like room of the office building.
The office building on the site would be refurbished to include business suites, meetings rooms and secretarial services.
he held ministerial office for two years
In the British political system a prime minister holds office so long as he or she maintains the confidence of his or her own MPs and cabinet.
Contact your local tourist office or Burns Society for events closer to home.
a year ago, when the president took office
The plan is to retain the office building and sub-divide it into offices for small businesses and meeting rooms.
Now she is not too sure if she wants to return to her office job.