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offer / предложение, предложение цены, попытка
имя существительное
offer, sentence, proposal, supply, suggestion, offering
предложение цены
bidding, bid, offer
attempt, try, effort, endeavor, trial, offer
offer, suggest, propose, request, submit, proffer
offer, exalt, lift up, put up, pinnacle, rear
push, put forward, move out, pull out, advance, offer
имя существительное
an expression of readiness to do or give something if desired.
he had accepted Mallory's offer to buy him a drink
present or proffer (something) for (someone) to accept or reject as so desired.
may I offer you a drink?
Darius was about to meet him and to offer battle
the offer runs right up until Christmas Eve
villagers have gone to offer prayers for the souls of the sailors
Internet Service Providers offer similar services for internal or hosted content.
villagers have gone to offer prayers for the souls of the sailors
Imagine as well that he had been chosen for the job and had accepted the offer to be the candidate's running mate.
they were so kind as to offer
should he accept a reasonable offer for the club?
he had to offer some resistance to her tirade
He declined an offer to rejoin the job and wear the alternative badge.