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offensive / наступление, наступательная операция
имя существительное
offensive, attack, advance, advent, offense, incursion
наступательная операция
имя прилагательное
offensive, abusive, insulting, humiliating, mortifying, opprobrious
offensive, insulting
имя прилагательное
causing someone to feel deeply hurt, upset, or angry.
the allegations made are deeply offensive to us
actively aggressive; attacking.
offensive operations against the insurgents
имя существительное
an attacking military campaign.
an impending military offensive against the guerrillas
The offensive tempo of the operation would ebb and flow for the duration of the battle, changing rapidly due to the enemy's ability to use terrain to his advantage.
What's wrong with admitting that some smells are offensive ?
Since the galley represented by the model in Plates V and VI, was built in 1736, her dominant offensive weapon was a cannon at her bow.
Whereas gravlax has never had an offensive smell, the more fully fermented rakefisk is quite different in this respect.
Building defenses to stop offensive missiles has gone global, as well it should.
A place where those who find offensive the sight of their neighbours walking down the street now have their very own Commission to complain to.
The Broncos have more offensive weapons than they did in their Super Bowl years.
The Mavericks probably are the most potent offensive team in the game but are criticized for their defense.
Officials have always been able to send off players who use offensive , abusive or insulting language, but now that definition's been extended to cover gestures too.
Neighbors called authorities after an offensive smell began emanating from the house in Sydney's southern suburbs.