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offense / преступление, правонарушение, нарушение
имя существительное
crime, offense, wrongdoing, misdemeanor, misdeed, perpetration
offense, delinquency, wrong, wrongdoing, delict, trespass
violation, disturbance, breach, infringement, contravention, offense
имя существительное
a breach of a law or rule; an illegal act.
neither offense violates any federal law
annoyance or resentment brought about by a perceived insult to or disregard for oneself or one's standards or principles.
he went out, making it clear he'd taken offense
the action of attacking.
reductions in strategic offense arsenals
Amidst strong winds and in front of a large Hamline homecoming crowd, the Scots struggled on offense , turning the ball over five times.
It is more of a defense and offense attack combined.
A first down is achieved when the offense has moved the ball ten yards from its previous spot.
The original version of the bill would have made an immigration violation a felony offense .
On the other hand, the Colts are a much-improved team with a very potent offense .
As the offense team monitored the threat rings we were flying through, the copilot saw a missile at our 4 o'clock.
Neither team did a good job taking care of the ball on offense as Redbank Valley had three fumbles, lost one and two Jason Smith interceptions.
the outcome is an offense to basic justice
They'll have to be to keep Florida's dangerous offense off the field.
he is a wide receiver, playing on offense