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offbeat / необычный, непривычный, нешаблонный
имя прилагательное
unusual, extraordinary, odd, different, peculiar, offbeat
unwonted, unaccustomed, unfamiliar, strange, offbeat, new
unconventional, offbeat
имя существительное
syncope, syncopation, offbeat
имя прилагательное
not coinciding with the beat.
It is instantly recognizable from the counterpoint between the bass and drum downbeat, and the offbeat rhythm section.
unconventional; unusual.
she's a little offbeat, but she's a wonderful actress
имя существительное
any of the normally unaccented beats in a bar.
McDowell's guitar playing on these songs was all about rhythm, a distinctive syncopated chug that emphasized the offbeats and often stayed on a single chord.
Thankfully, the next track and recent single, ‘Everyday’, is much more of a pop rock song with its unusual opening bars, slightly offbeat drumming and catchy chorus.
The ‘bombs’ mentioned in the poem refer to a musical term used to describe the strong offbeat accents used by drummers that were particularly influential during the bebop period of jazz.
Fuzzy white-noise guitars collide with offbeat drumming and driving bass.
It looked a bit offbeat , away from the commonplace, conventional boutiques where the normal celebrities would be found.
While Tuttle's art is offbeat and idiosyncratic, it is also very much mainstream.
Her clothes are not at all what I usually prefer; rather, they are much more offbeat , much more bohemian.
Dr. Seuss has been one of the most unusual and offbeat children's authors in literature.
The show manages to keep the viewer a little off balance with an edgy storyline that can at times be offset by some offbeat humor.
The humor is offbeat and unconventional, but much of it is funny.
The film, not the band, is a delightful little offbeat story that still retains its strange power to move me after 30 years.