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offal / потроха, отбросы, требуха
имя существительное
offal, pluck, bejesus, chitterlings, harslet, haslet
garbage, waste, scum, dregs, refuse, offal
tripe, offal, chitterlings
имя существительное
the entrails and internal organs of an animal used as food.
Certain limited measures were introduced which undermined this claim, including a ban on the use of specified bovine offals in the human food chain.
The dragonfly is a sleek, graceful insect that doesn't deserve to have its reputation sullied by being associated with this pile of offal .
The deceased died as the result of the accident which occurred while he was unloading offal into an enclosed pit at the plant in Cahir.
They were invited to sample haggis, the national dish of Scotland - that spicy mix of offal , suet and vegetables, delicately encased in sheep's intestines.
The butchers had belly of pork, breast of lamb, brisket of beef, neck of lamb, offal such as liver and heart, and hock of bacon.
While disappointed that someone would dump offal , he said he had been encouraged by the council's response to his call.
Foods to avoid include red meat, particularly game, offal , beef, pork and lamb.
gulls pecking at piles of offal from the narwhal hunt
Sheep offal in cattle feed was banned in 1989.
the packing plant dumped its offal into the stream
I was listening to a farmer on the radio who said: ‘We don't just scrape up diseased sheep offal and feed it to cows.’