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off-season / межсезонье, застой, сезонное затишье
имя существительное
stagnation, congestion, stasis, standstill, deadlock, off-season
сезонное затишье
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a time of year when a particular activity, typically a sport, is not engaged in.
during baseball's winter off-season
in or during the off-season.
he never trains off-season
Before his trip to the States, the only clothing Alex could find to fit his massive body when his weight went up off-season was from stores catering to the obese.
The holiday I'm about to describe should be taken annually, off-season , with large doses of sloth and solitude.
he never trains off-season
These you can make yourself or pick up at yard sales or clearance sales off-season .
Overnight rates collapse and bargain offers abound off-season , and the weather disadvantage is not so great.
For the selfish traveller though, it might be more appealing off-season , when you don't have to share its attractions with the hordes spilling out from their beachside apartments.
off-season rates
None of the milk was transported off the island and it was often thrown away when demand dipped off-season .
I agree, hotel prices there are astronomical off-season which I think is odd.
Without this premium, it is clear that no producer could justify supplying milk off-season .