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off-peak / происходящий не в час пик, непредельный
имя прилагательное
происходящий не в час пик
имя прилагательное
at a time when demand is less.
off-peak travel
All it would need is one enterprising local businessman with one not particularly large warehouse who would then move these goods into Kendal at traffic off-peak times.
That's the price of a standard open return, whereas a saver return for off-peak travel would be £52.10.
There will be free off-peak travel for pensioners and the disabled.
The lowest fares apply to off-peak travel periods, which vary by city.
She feels that more could be done for passengers travelling in off-peak hours.
The best way to stretch your travel dollar is to travel during off-peak times.
What he also forgot to say when declaring that pensioners would get free bus travel was that the travel will be free in off-peak hours only.
There are no peak or off-peak rates and calls to landlines in Britain and Northern Ireland are at the same great rate as landline calls in Ireland.
The railways are also set to be busy, with special deals for passengers willing to travel off-peak and book in advance.
For most domestic routes, off-peak fares are for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.