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off / от, с, у
from, of, against, off, with, for
with, from, in, since, against, off
in, at, among, near, by, off
out, there, away, off, here
off, away
имя прилагательное
off, offline, open, out
further, far, distant, farthest, remote, off
dead, off, deathlike, cold, at rest, bung
stop, off, cease, discontinue, end, quit
идти на попятный
beat a retreat, cry off, crawfish, backpedal, off, crayfish
имя существительное
свободное время
leisure time, leisure, off, spare-time, off-time
правая сторона поля
имя прилагательное
characterized by someone performing or feeling worse than usual; unsatisfactory or inadequate.
even the greatest athletes have off days
(of food) no longer fresh.
the fish was a bit off
located on the side of a vehicle that is normally furthest from the curb; offside.
annoying or unfair.
His boss deducted the money from his pay. That was a bit off
I felt decidedly off
away from the place in question; to or at a distance.
the man ran off
so as to be removed or separated.
he whipped off his coat
starting a journey or race; leaving.
the gunmen made off on foot
so as to bring to an end or be discontinued.
the Christmas party rounded off a hugely successful year
(of an electrical appliance or power supply) not functioning or so as to cease to function.
switch the TV off
kill; murder.
she might off a cop, but she wouldn't shoot her boyfriend
moving away and often down from.
he rolled off the bed
situated or leading in a direction away from (a main route or intersection).
single wires leading off the main lines
so as to be removed or separated from.
threatening to tear it off its hinges
имя существительное
the half of the field (as divided lengthways through the pitch) toward which the batsman's feet are pointed when standing to receive the ball.
Headland bats with real style and is deadly square of the wicket on the off side .
She will shout at him and then he will take her for a drink in some shady bar off the main street and fall in love with her.
I've heard that leaving a light on for a given length of time may use less energy than turning it off and on again.
They crouched in the distance then lolloped off , not into the woods, but over bare ground to the horizon.
the beach is way off to the left
He doesn't have the same type of mystery ball which turns to the off as Mushtaq, but he can bowl a top spinner which goes straight on.
Back in the room, John lit one of the smaller lamps and left the rest of the lights off .
I also make sure that I turn the charger plug off at the mains when it's not actually charging the laptop.
This is because to lose weight and keep it off , you must adjust what and how you eat permanently.
You can see where many trails merge, popular browsing routes, places off the beaten track maybe.
Traffic is a nightmare by about 4pm for a few hours and there is only one route off .