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oeuvre / творчество, произведения искусства, сочинения
имя существительное
creation, oeuvre
произведения искусства
имя существительное
the works of a painter, composer, or author regarded collectively.
the complete oeuvre of Mozart
Like Jack, he contributed to the substantial body of Lindsay autobiography, a significant oeuvre in its own right.
the complete oeuvre of Mozart
While Ramsay's flair is most obvious in composition and oeuvre , the audio is equally important to the piece.
Throughout his painted oeuvre there is a sort of metaphorical circuitry through which one form suggests another.
This anthology serves as an introduction to the band's complete oeuvre .
A CD of selections from Bartok's oeuvre performed by the author is attached within the back cover.
In hindsight, that book now seems the most interesting in her oeuvre .
The selectors have a good eye for an oeuvre and an outstanding contacts book.
By 1925, he ceased composing new works and instead revised his existing oeuvre .
an early oeuvre