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odour / запах, аромат, благоухание
имя существительное
smell, odor, scent, flavor, flavour, odour
aroma, flavor, fragrance, odor, perfume, bouquet
fragrance, aroma, odor, perfume, redolence, fragrancy
имя существительное
a distinctive smell, especially an unpleasant one.
the odor of cigarette smoke
a lingering quality, impression, or feeling attaching to something.
an odor of suspicion
the odour of cigarette smoke
an odour of suspicion
Only when the deity smells the odour of sacrifice rightly made does he respond.
a decade of bad odour between Britain and the European Community
During that time, the officer had smelled the odour of alcohol on the accused's breath.
He could smell the familiar odour of rotting foliage in his nostrils.
That's why he has always stuck by Mr Byers, despite the bad political odour which has surrounded him for so long.
One can almost smell body odor coming off the page.
The odor of failure and confusion linger over the Duchy like the smell of rotting flesh.
the odor of cigarette smoke