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odontology / одонтология
имя существительное
имя существительное
the scientific study of the structure and diseases of teeth.
The call went out for dentists trained in forensic odontology to assist.
Although forensic odontology could seem a macabre means of identification, for the families of victims it may be the only means of obtaining peace of mind.
He was charged with the murder based essentially on forensic odontology evidence and placed on trial for murder.
The call went out for dentists trained in forensic odontology to assist.
Therefore, from the available odontological data, it cannot be conclusively determined whether these individuals were more closely related to Inuit than to Amerindians.
Professor John Clement, a forensic odontologist at the University of Melbourne, was entirely sceptical.
During the period the youngsters also benefitted from the medical, odontological and psychological assistance offered by SESC.
The prize of SEK 30,000 from the Patent Money Fund is one of the largest for odontological research in Sweden.
When the reinvestigation started, senior odontologists from around Australia and overseas were recruited.
Pathologists and forensic odontologists would also be able to identify victims from tattoos, operation scars and teeth.
I mean how unique is it, and how was in that circumstance, the forensic odontologist able to create an image of an offender from just the bitemark?