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odometer / одометр, курвиметр
имя существительное
odometer, perambulator, hodometer
имя существительное
an instrument for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle.
In other words, ‘spinning out’ will cause a wheel-driven odometer to measure more distance between locations than actually exists.
On September 25, the image odometer ticked over to 50,000-and kept right on counting.
Each bike had an odometer attached to record the distance travelled each leg, with the distance recorded at the changeovers.
Spirit has gone from here to here, and that distance is 2.25 miles on the odometer .
I tend to run those computers long, like people who drive a Honda Civic till the odometer reads 300,000 km.
The three-month old Aston has less than 6,000 kilometers on the odometer and Tom knows everything about the car.
Yesterday, she broke that record by adding 80 feet to her odometer .
At the time of the sale to Mr. Stieger, the odometer reading for the vehicle was 42, 416 kilometres.
The travelled distance information is obtained from the odometer sensor.
With 420 feet on her odometer , the rover is about to mark another half-way point.
I liked the odometer giving distance to the hundredths in case you really want to get picky about your mileage!