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odium / позор, ненависть, одиозность
имя существительное
disgrace, shame, dishonor, infamy, ignominy, odium
hatred, hate, loathing, abhorrence, odium
odiousness, odium
имя существительное
general or widespread hatred or disgust directed toward someone as a result of their actions.
his job had made him the target of public hostility and odium
Damien did a magnificent job of revealing his utmost contempt for Richard; so magnificent that his odium for him could almost be smelt.
Stalin's military and political dispositions once the war started have incurred odium .
She needs to accumulate much more odium before she'll qualify for the UN job.
his job had made him the target of public hostility and odium
By the same token, ‘the later we postponed publication, the less would the inevitable odium react upon the British’.
No, my odium for him spans much further into the past.
For this I can reasonably expect the eternal odium of the architectural profession, but this revelation must proceed despite the personal cost to myself.
While Lakshmi is the goddess of riches, her elder sister is the deity of poverty, indigence, odium , reproach and ignominy.
But Putin is clearly signed up to the coalition, insisting the odium of international terrorism had to be ‘neutralised’.
It was a clever stratagem for defeating the tax proposals without incurring the popular odium for doing so.