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oddball / чудак, оригинал, сумасброд
имя существительное
eccentric, crank, oddball, freak, weirdo, codger
original, master, eccentric, text, character, oddball
madcap, screwball, madman, nut, oddball, zany
имя прилагательное
strange, oddball, odd, droll, flaky, comical
original, ingenious, novel, own, individual, oddball
имя существительное
a strange or eccentric person.
The boarders, however, are much more than eccentrics or oddballs .
имя прилагательное
strange; bizarre.
oddball training methods
It's the type of oddball coincidence that's difficult to ignore.
The elder Poole has figured out vocal chops and isn't consistently burying them behind filters and oddball delivery.
His songs had gone from sublime to bizarre, compounded by his friendship with oddball lyricist Van Dyke Parks.
It's a hefty task, seeing as each of her children is manoeuvring their way through a litany of oddball obsessions and neuroses.
The contrasting riotous oddball farce and the blood-soaked political thriller could hardly be more different.
I tend to play a lot of oddball records with effects over them, not 4/4 stuff that has to be seamless and keep the party going.
John Ritter had the kind of oddball career that is almost too easy to dismiss, if you don't know better.
I compiled a bunch of recent flamenco things, really oddball flamenco things.
OK, so the cars do handle in a slightly oddball method; but that's only compared to other racers.
Weebls Stuff is a feast of oddball entertainment.