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octoroon / цветной
имя прилагательное
color, colored, non-ferrous, multicolor, chromatic, octoroon
имя существительное
a person who is one-eighth black by descent.
He has no trouble referring to ‘full-bloods’, ‘half-castes’, ‘ octoroons ’.
For example, in Latin America neither Jim Crow laws nor the octoroon designation existed.
On one wall is a 1953 birth certificate in which the artist's father is listed as octoroon .
He has no trouble referring to ‘full-bloods’, ‘half-castes’, ‘ octoroons ’.
When Ellen was reading stories of old New Orleans, the concept of ‘mulattos’ and ‘ octoroons ’ prompted her to curious questions.
Yes, in the American south well past the days of slavery, you could find references to maroons, quadroons, octoroons , etc.