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octet / октет, первые восемь строк сонета
имя существительное
octet, octette
первые восемь строк сонета
octette, octet
имя существительное
a group of eight people or things, in particular.
The first couple octets are the manufacturer, the middle are the device, and the final are like serial numbers.
Jamil Sheriff is the pianist with Joel's band and he will be taking his own octet to Leeds College of Music on Wednesday.
Individual atoms are unstable unless they have an octet of electrons in their highest energy level.
Mind Tricks, an octet of male dancers, consistently managed a successful balance between solo and group performance.
Here is the octet as it is called, the first eight lines of the sonnet.
The noble gas atoms have a complete octet of electrons in the outermost shell.
An atom will bond with another in order to satisfy the octet rule.
Arriaga was second fiddle in a string quartet at nine years of age, and two years later wrote an octet .
The final work on the disc is Dos Danzas Latinas, an eloquent wind octet in two movements - Habanera and Samba.
If I'd have known she was part of the screeching octet , I would have cleaned up a bit better.
In the 1970s, there was even a double bass octet specialising in new music.