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oceanography / океанография
имя существительное
имя существительное
the branch of science that deals with the physical and biological properties and phenomena of the sea.
Both students are in the biological oceanography curricular group at Scripps.
Both students are in the biological oceanography curricular group at Scripps.
In 1968, he was appointed professor of oceanography .
Ashore there will be a vast interactive exhibition area with displays on international marine technology, oceanography and ecology.
The National Research Council has ranked Scripps first in faculty quality among oceanography programs nationwide.
This web of activity is made all the worse by the influence of microclimates, complex oceanography , and unique geographical features.
Munk was honored with the 1999 Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences for his fundamental contributions to the field of oceanography .
A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Cane has written nearly 200 papers on a broad range of topics in oceanography and climatology.
Science on the reef embraces so many diverse and alluring fields: marine ecology, oceanography , plate tectonics, ethnobiology, and more.
Climatology, evolutionary biology, oceanography , and plate tectonics all got a jump start from Challenger's results.
I've been privileged to interact with many of the great scientists who led oceanography in the postwar era.