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ocean-going / океанский
имя прилагательное
ocean, oceanic, ocean-going
имя прилагательное
(of a ship) designed to cross oceans.
Wooden boats are expensive to keep up and as trading vessels they cannot compete with metal-hulled, ocean-going ships.
Germany has 30 shipyards still in operation, although only about 10 of those make huge, ocean-going vessels like ro-ro ferries.
At times there could be 100 ocean-going ships in harbour - goods were on sale in her warehouses from around the world.
The boats look pretty dangerous as they are not ocean-going vessels.
Seven major rivers cross Suriname, many partly navigable by large ocean-going ships.
The world's last ocean-going paddle steamer set sail again just hours after it was feared her hull had been damaged off the Mull of Kintrye.
This mini-workshop is run by Anna Woolf, who has built three ocean-going yachts and has sailed solo around the world.
Ballast water carried by ocean-going vessels is a major factor in the introduction of non-native organisms to marine eco-systems.
Normally, people come to New Zealand on regularly scheduled commercial flights or ocean-going ships.
The third edition in 1989 saw the exit of windsurfers and more accent on keelboats, with ocean-going yachts arriving from many points.