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occurrence / вхождение, случай, происшествие
имя существительное
entry, occurrence, entrance, ingoing
happening, case, occasion, event, incident, occurrence
incident, scene, event, occurrence, passage
имя существительное
an incident or event.
vandalism used to be a rare occurrence
The Indenture does not provide for any other rights on the occurrence of such an event of default.
An unusual and rare occurrence happened at a golf tournament in Loughrea on last Saturday week.
The phenotypic adaptation in our study may help explain their frequent occurrence .
There's about a ten-year gap in terms of the occurrence and incidents of the disease.
the occurrence of natural gas fields
the occurrence of cancer increases with age
I sincerely hope this man will reflect on my response and consider his action in the event of a similar occurrence .
The isochronous data pipe can be stopped and started on the occurrence of specific events.
This is a very frequent occurrence , especially with supermarket products.
So I get thinking, this is an abnormally high occurrence of cancer in a control group of youths.