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occupied / занятый, оккупированный
имя прилагательное
busy, occupied, engaged, concerned, intent, deep
имя прилагательное
(of a building, seat, etc.) being used by someone.
only the first floor is fully occupied
busy and active.
tasks that kept her occupied for the remainder of the afternoon
(of a place, especially a country) taken control of by military conquest or settlement.
the occupied territories
reside or have one's place of business in (a building).
the apartment she occupies in Manhattan
fill or preoccupy (the mind or thoughts).
her mind was occupied with alarming questions
take control of (a place, especially a country) by military conquest or settlement.
the region was occupied by Britain during World War I
The current situation in postwar and occupied Iraq reminded me a lot of Lebanon after the civil war ended.
You can avoid temptation by keeping your mind fully occupied with things that interest you.
The plan has been bitterly opposed by the prime minister's former allies and the 240,000 settlers who live in the occupied territories.
Meanwhile, he said he was disappointed by the level of turn-out, which saw less than a dozen seats occupied by members of the public.
A Royal Marines Commando from an heroic World War II raid on occupied France has returned to the area where he made his epic overland escape.
For psychiatrists, it offers enough material to keep them occupied for months.
William only nodded, barely registering parts of the discussion in his mind, which was occupied elsewhere.
In many mosques, only a small portion is left for offering prayers and all the remaining portions are occupied .
But legally, Kosovo was not incorporated into the Serbian kingdom in 1912; it remained occupied territory until some time after 1918.
What part was played by the perpetrators across occupied Europe?