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occupant / обитатель, оккупант, житель
имя существительное
inhabitant, dweller, occupant, inmate, indweller, denizen
occupant, occupier, invader
inhabitant, dweller, occupant, habitant, denizen, tenant
имя существительное
a person who resides or is present in a house, vehicle, seat, place, etc., at a given time.
Another factor of cardinal importance in protecting building occupants is debris mitigation.
The problem is that at the time Roosevelt was only Assistant Secretary of the Navy, albeit a particularly pushy occupant of that office.
A major concern was worker and occupant safety during the lead cutting and installation.
And sometimes the man in the office, even an unlikely occupant of that office, may respond in an unexpected but useful way, to a crisis.
And now with Fran Rooney ‘moving’ aside, it has left the door open for yet another occupant for that famous office.
Cal was given a room where the previous occupant had performed a mysterious moonlit flit.
The lone male occupant fled the home through a second-floor window.
She was the only occupant of the vehicle.
But seeing what we're seeing right now made me think of that line and how it reminds me of the current occupant of the Oval Office.
Marcus contended that municipal services were linked to the property rather than the occupant .
He would not have been much impressed with the present occupant of the position.