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occlude / закрывать, закупоривать, смыкаться
close, cover, shut, shut down, shut up, occlude
plug, bung, occlude, plug up, stopper, stopple
close, interlock, occlude
stop, close up, or obstruct (an opening, orifice, or passage).
thick makeup can occlude the pores
(of a tooth) close on or come into contact with another tooth in the opposite jaw.
The peglike first upper molar does not occlude with any tooth of the lower jaw, so it serves no clear function.
The anteriormost teeth are smaller than the more posterior ones, and the anterior upper teeth do not occlude with the anterior lower teeth.
It does occlude with this tooth in what appears to be a fully functional manner, and it retains the pattern of its cusps.
thick make-up can occlude the pores
This matching of the cusps allowed the teeth to occlude , or meet, in a precision bite.
The important feature of this closed state model is that the side chains of leucines of the Equatorial ring do not occlude the pore completely.
The protocone and, if present, the hypocone of the upper molar occlude directly with this surface.
Because only one tooth row can occlude at a time in goats, the bite point acts as a fulcrum.
thick makeup can occlude the pores
Moreover, once bound to a target protein, the scaffold could occlude the binding of other molecules that normally interact with the protein.
The size of the catheter should be small enough so as not to occlude the artificial airway totally, thus avoiding excessive negative pressure.