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ocarina / окарина
имя существительное
имя существительное
a small egg-shaped wind instrument with a mouthpiece and holes for the fingers.
What is Elgar's patented nobilmente doing beside the evocation of harmonicas and ocarinas ?
He then saw something that caught his eye: An ocarina was on the ground.
Seiriô screamed, almost dropping his ocarina , and fell forward.
On one box Elizabeth found an instrument resembling an ocarina .
As an instrument, it's slightly more tuneful than an ocarina , but only slightly.
She plays her ocarina and sits in the forest speaking of peace.
She pulled out her ocarina and softly blew a few notes.
Will music and maybe use of an ocarina be used for anything in this Zelda game?
‘Well, Luigi gave me this,’ said Clara, taking the ocarina out of her backpack.
He wandered under the sign into the line behind a pair of female Boos who were arguing about which magical ocarina tune began with a minor seventh.
It's called an ocarina , an ancient instrument.