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obverse / лицевой, являющийся составной частью, обращенный кверху
имя прилагательное
facial, obverse, right
являющийся составной частью
обращенный кверху
имя существительное
лицевая сторона
face, front, obverse
face, person, countenance, image, visage, obverse
имя существительное
the side of a coin or medal bearing the head or principal design.
It was no wonder that this minting machine was chosen as part of the design for the obverse of the medal.
the opposite or counterpart of a fact or truth.
true solitude is the obverse of true society
имя прилагательное
of or denoting the obverse of a coin or medal.
The designs of the medals are based on a traditional style that includes a generic obverse side, based on the Commonwealth Coat of Arms.
corresponding to something else as its opposite or counterpart.
But regrettably there was an obverse side to all this.
narrower at the base or point of attachment than at the apex or top.
an obverse leaf
That is, indeed, the essential question, and it carries with it the obverse : what is it that must not be done?
The coin shows on the obverse the elephant with the date CS 1197, and on the reverse is the inscription Muang Thai (Thailand).
So, if the risk of contemporary philosophy is scientism, then its obverse reflection is obscurantism.
Think of this as the obverse of 1970s-style stagflation, which brought us little or no growth, high inflation and high interest rates at the same time.
But this was not to the exclusion of the obverse relationship.
One of them depicts a winged victory and on the obverse side are engraved the words: ‘The Great War for Civilisation’.
It is large, 245 mm, and it is the same as the obverse of the medals struck for the same occasion.
But isn't occupational mobility of this kind a great strength, the obverse side of robust job creation?
The conquests were for the motive of sway, involving massive slaughter as the obverse politics of claim.
On the obverse of the coin, which is shown on the stamp, there is the ‘Phra Athit’ or rising sun.