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obturator / обтюратор, затычка, пробка
имя существительное
obturator, seal
plug, gag, stopper, peg, bung, obturator
bung, cork, plug, stopper, traffic jam, obturator
имя существительное
either of two muscles covering the outer front part of the pelvis on each side and involved in movements of the thigh and hip.
The surgeon uses a special hip arthroscopy cannula with cannulated obturators to establish the portals.
These branches supply the pectineus, the hip joint, and, by rejoining the obturator , the adductor muscles.
The femoral, lateral cutaneous, and obturator nerves exit from the lumbar plexus.
In one case the iliolumbar was a branch of the obturator , itself a branch of the internal iliac.
No tumor was detected in the right and left obturator lymph nodes.
The obturator nerve is located in the fascia directly under the pubic bone.
The lateral femoral circumflex may give rise to an obturator .
The obturator artery is very variable in origin and no embryological explanation has been found.
The obturator may communicate with the femoral vein.
Metastatic prostatic and transitional cell carcinomas were present in a single obturator lymph node.
obturator neurectomy