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obtrusive / навязчивый, выступающий, назойливый
имя прилагательное
intrusive, obsessive, obtrusive, haunting, officious, fixed
projecting, prominent, salient, outstanding, protrusive, obtrusive
intrusive, importunate, officious, obtrusive, tiresome, shrill
имя существительное
obtrusive, obtrusiveness, meddlesomeness
имя прилагательное
noticeable or prominent in an unwelcome or intrusive way.
high-powered satellites can reach smaller and less obtrusive antennas
The other tables, however, had much less obtrusive lighting.
By its very nature, this commercial intrusion is designed to be obtrusive and dominant.
Brash fashion, garish visuals and acceptably obtrusive sounds make for an attention grabbing set this evening at the Music Box.
The more ambitious and well favoured tend to become obtrusive , and, eventually, inevitably, an embarrassment to their masters.
So now you have a rather obtrusive opening on the ground floor with a view into an empty basement without stores or food outlets.
The courts have been inconsistent, often influenced by how obtrusive the display is and whether a genuine historic context is involved.
I like the idea a lot, but the blue highlighting is just too obtrusive - I find I'm reading the hyperlinks and ignoring the text.
Commercial influence and the grip of wealthy patrons are obtrusive and obvious.
The works would be less obtrusive from rooms further up.
On an aesthetic level, this film is special because it utilises a lot of modern devices successfully without feeling obtrusive or gimmicky.