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obtrude / навязывать, навязываться, выставлять
impose, force, intrude, enforce, thrust, obtrude
intrude, obtrude, obtrude oneself, chisel in, impose oneself
expose, exhibit, put up, display, show, obtrude
become noticeable in an unwelcome or intrusive way.
a sound from the reception hall obtruded into his thoughts
It is rather striking how often oracles obtrude in one form or another in debates about the kingship at Sparta.
I felt unable to obtrude my private sorrow upon anyone
I felt unable to obtrude my private sorrow upon anyone
Wilson does obtrude , though, with a half-hour introductory jazz concert that is supererogatory, even if Cheryl Alexander is a very winning performer.
Other problems arise elsewhere on those occasions when the hand of editor or fingerer obtrude .
I wish not to obtrude any constraints or restraints on you.
Then the chosen ones would not obtrude with their sleek vehicles.
That this did not impair his relations with his mother suggests that he concealed it from her or at least did not obtrude it.
But I challenge the ethics of including stealthily edited sequences and extras that obtrude questionable material on unsuspecting viewers.
Passion is known to obtrude judgement and there is a lot of passionate anti-corporate and anti-American sentiment around.