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obstetrician / акушер, акушерка
имя существительное
obstetrician, accoucheur, tocologist
midwife, obstetrician, maternity nurse, accoucheuse
имя существительное
a physician or surgeon qualified to practice in obstetrics.
We also interviewed 19 clinicians: six obstetricians , six paediatricians, four general practitioners, and three nurses.
If you are pregnant, discuss your immunization record with your obstetrician well before your due date.
Again, close liaison between obstetrician , midwife, general practitioner, cardiologist, and neonatologist is vital.
After practicing for three years, she moved on to medical school to become an obstetrician / gynecologist.
After completing his medical degree in Switzerland in 1973 he became an obstetrician and gynaecologist.
For many women, their obstetrician or gynecologist plays an important role in primary or preventive health care.
He did GP obstetrics and looked after patients with tuberculosis at a time when there was neither an obstetrician nor a chest physician on the island.
Discuss this issue with both your obstetrician or health care provider and your future baby's doctor before you give birth.
By the late 19th Century, teaching hospitals came up and were staffed by physicians, surgeons and obstetricians .
A multicentre randomised controlled trial of routine antenatal care by general practitioners and midwives compared with shared care led by obstetricians .
Childbirth without fear should become a reality for women, midwives, and obstetricians .