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obsolescent / устаревающий, выходящий из употребления, отживающий
имя прилагательное
выходящий из употребления
имя прилагательное
becoming obsolete.
the custom is now obsolescent
Over the past decade, the Iraqis have improvised and cannibalized their obsolescent aircraft, tanks, armored personnel carriers, and air defense network to keep them going.
The hostel at Waterbank has served a purpose for 40 years but is now obsolescent .
Too much equipment was obsolescent , and the lack of capital investment adversely affected productivity.
The Tooth Cave spider is a small, whitish, long-legged spider with obsolescent eyes.
The assets themselves are technologically obsolescent and simply too expensive and non-competitive to operate even with private sector efficiencies.
These historians, whom Anderson labels ‘masters,’ are now considered at least partially obsolescent .
The configuration of the old trailer was obsolescent , making it problematic for hauling some of the equipment.
At Pearl Harbor the obsolescent American battle line had been critically disabled, thus freeing the U.S. Navy from its reliance on the capital ship and from whatever lingering faith it might have had in its pre-eminence.
The National Audit Office have reported that the Armed Forces are having to make do with ageing and sometimes obsolescent equipment because new systems are years behind their projected delivery dates.
As with other nations in the pre-war period, the USA had short-range reconnaissance units equipped with slow and obsolescent aircraft.