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observer / наблюдатель, обозреватель, соблюдающий законы
имя существительное
observer, watcher, supervisor, spectator, onlooker, bystander
reviewer, columnist, observer, analyst
соблюдающий законы
имя существительное
a person who watches or notices something.
to a casual observer, he was at peace
His present partner attends but is an observer not a participant.
In November, Mr Smith was in Gibraltar as a member of the international observer team monitoring the referendum on sovereignty in which Gibraltarians voted to stay under British rule.
It took a dedicated observer to notice what was going on, but these clouds were estranged now.
Musa is Amnesty International's official observer of the Military Commission trials at the bay.
Only a trained observer would notice her hands and feet look somewhat larger and more masculine.
to a casual observer, he was at peace
His future wife was able to attend the Conference as an observer .
to a casual observer, he was at peace
Over a period of years a sympathetic observer notices marked changes, although such personal reflections are notoriously subjective.
During our concise conversation, Conrad proves to be a sharp observer and commentator on the game.