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observant / наблюдательный, соблюдающий, внимательный
имя прилагательное
observant, observational, supervisory, sharp
observant, observing
attentive, careful, thoughtful, mindful, watchful, observant
имя прилагательное
quick to notice things.
her observant eye took in every detail
adhering strictly to the rules of a particular religion, especially Judaism.
He wears a distinctive black outfit and is strictly observant of religious laws.
имя существительное
a member of a branch of the Franciscan order that followed a strict rule.
A classic example was the Franciscan Observant friar Bernardino of Siena, whose cult of the name of Jesus, employing what were effectively magical tablets, sparked off accusations of heresy.
Those observant among you will have noticed that there is no author listed for this play.
The very observant may have noticed that I swapped webhosts over the weekend.
Can you recall a time when being alert and observant kept you safe?
The observant may have noticed that the colour scheme of my blog broadly matches the colour scheme of my study, pictured below.
Small farmers from religiously observant homes could look forward to cheap credit and stable leases.
The problem with their arguments, as observant readers will have noticed, is that their figures are rather shaky.
The observant reader will have noticed that the recipes serve six, although there were only four of us.
If we're at all observant , we learn something for our own preaching.
He wears a distinctive black outfit and is strictly observant of religious laws.
How observant you are to notice that two objects at the same temperature feel differently.