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observance / обряд, ритуал, почтение
имя существительное
rite, ceremony, observance, ordinance, ceremonial, office
ritual, rite, observance, exercise, sacramental
reverence, respect, respects, honor, esteem, observance
соблюдение закона
имя существительное
the action or practice of fulfilling or respecting the requirements of law, morality, or ritual.
strict observance of the rules
the action of watching or noticing something.
the baby's motionless observance of me
They make it work by sharing basic values and respecting each other's observance .
During the outbreak in Toronto hospitals, health care workers became infected with the virus despite observance of strict infection control precautions.
The Queen is meticulous in her strict observance of the constitution and keeps her role to herself; which does not necessarily mean she has never privately consulted her husband, when she could with propriety do so.
the decline in religious observance
the decline in religious observance
A finding of an abuse requires, first, a combination of objective circumstances in which, despite formal observance of the conditions laid down by the Community rules, the purpose of those rules has not been achieved.
the baby's motionless observance of me
Daya Nath believed that mental purity could only be obtained through renunciation of the world, observance of rituals, introspection, and yoga.
strict observance of the rules
Examples included interethnic cooperation or observance of the rule of law.