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obscure / смутный, неясный, темный
имя прилагательное
vague, dim, obscure, hazy, shadowy, bleary
unclear, obscure, vague, dim, indistinct, ambiguous
dark, obscure, deep, black, murky, shadowy
unknown, obscure, noteless, inglorious
incomprehensible, unclear, obscure, inexplicable, weird, inexplicit
darken, obscure, dim, black out, obfuscate, dim out
block, obscure, fence, blank, shut in, shut out
obscure, blur over
cover, obscure, cloud
делать неясным
obscure, blur
имя прилагательное
not discovered or known about; uncertain.
his origins and parentage are obscure
keep from being seen; conceal.
gray clouds obscure the sun
In doing so, it reflects the manner in which Kafka himself has gradually become indistinguishable from the obscure fascination at the heart of his writings.
Oblique culinary references and obscure terms go against the grain of the present climate in the culinary world.
It tends to obscure the problem rather than highlight it, because we do not try and suggest that a company becomes a trustee for the creditors upon the winding-up.
Sometimes the lyrics are obscure and difficult to understand, but stick with them as they are always worth it.
I tend to forget some obscure titles on albums I rarely play.
Even now, a hundred years on, the precise cause and surrounding circumstances of Oscar Wilde's death remain obscure , shrouded about with mystery.
They can obscure the issues rather than providing clarification.
So much the better if you have a cache of slightly obscure references that you can dispense, especially if these bear only tangential relationship to what you are discussing.
One of my favourite moments of the week is taking out the obscure Canadian reference and replacing it with an obscure American or British reference.
Much is made of Timbaland's undoubted skill as a producer, in fact so much is made of it that he seems to overshadow and obscure the artists he works with these days.