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obscenity / непристойность, ругательство, неприличное слово
имя существительное
obscenity, indecency, smut, bawdiness, immodesty, ribaldry
swearing, curse, swearword, obscenity, swear, damn
неприличное слово
имя существительное
the state or quality of being obscene; obscene behavior, language, or images.
the book was banned for obscenity
Morality is one of those things, like obscenity , that arbiters have had a hard time defining.
Zine editors, we are told, feel they are immune to the restrictions of copyright, libel and obscenity laws, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and pagination.
From common law libel to public obscenity to nude dancing to burning the flag, the Supreme Court has extended legal protection under the aegis of the First Amendment's clause protecting the freedom of speech.
the book was banned for obscenity
Officials are reviewing several complaints regarding obscenity and lawmakers are moving quickly to provide regulators with even more ammunition.
‘Shanghai Baby’ was not the only book banned for obscenity in China.
This standard allows a state to judge obscenity , at least in part, on the basis of local standards, although there are apparently limits to the extent that idiosyncratically intolerant local standards may apply.
a stream of invective and obscenity
Undoubtedly, English law was imprecise on the matter of obscenity , and the jurist might well have found this irritating.
Because the Court has ruled that obscenity is not protected speech, the FCC may ban it entirely.