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oblong / продолговатый, удлиненный, вытянутый
имя прилагательное
oblong, long, longer, oblongated
elongate, oblong, long, lengthened, longer, longest
extended, stretched, elongate, prolate, oblong, splay
имя существительное
продолговатая фигура
продолговатый предмет
имя прилагательное
having an elongated shape, as a rectangle or an oval.
A table of oblong shape stood midway between the drawing-room walls.
имя существительное
an object or flat figure in an elongated rectangle or oval shape.
The forms are roughly geometric, with edges that wobble slightly - triangles, oblongs , squares and circles as well as the more complicated sections left over in between.
The size and slightly oblong shape certainly help with the reproductions, though the pictures seem to be a little bit misty in texture.
What he was saying was quite true - the lines were different and it looked like a big oblong in the grass.
Roll on a floured board to an oblong about 30 cm x 20 cm.
Square pockets provided the chance to create two uniform fields of oblong shape.
He entered the conference room and sat at the old oblong table as the minutes ticked by.
Moonlight lay across the floor in a precise oblong of light.
At first glance his face looked like a long oblong , but upon closer inspection, you found him to be a quite handsome looking young man.
A table of oblong shape stood midway between the drawing-room walls.
The electroplate manufacturers in North America in the late nineteenth century favored various plain square, oblong , and low round baskets and taller ones on a foot, resembling a compote.
The scheme of a three-winged portico recalls the many coastal porticoed villas that appear on small square or horizontal oblong panels in Roman wall painting.