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oblivion / забвение, забывчивость, помилование
имя существительное
oblivion, obliteration, obliviousness, silence
forgetfulness, obliviousness, oblivion
pardon, mercy, oblivion
имя существительное
the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.
they drank themselves into oblivion
amnesty or pardon.
Filed away in studios or tucked deeply in the archives of a few public collections, these prints lapsed from obscurity into oblivion .
They will be killed and burned to ash, an eternal death, an absolute oblivion of which there is no return.
Drowsiness overcame her, and she crumpled to the floor, letting herself sink into dark oblivion .
These songs have set the trend for melody and have evoked the nostalgia, which was fading into oblivion .
She has revealed that, when she heard news of the affair, she drank herself into oblivion with friends.
Maybe you just sit in a corner and sink quietly into oblivion , snoring loudly for the rest of the evening.
Not until life and existence implode into oblivion , nothingness, will the fighting end.
Even if I don't sink into oblivion , drifting near the verge allows my subconscious to bubble up and provide answers.
While some of these games have retained popularity and are often played at a competitive level, there are many smaller games, which seem to have faded into oblivion .
Sunaryo says his installation is just to remind us of the large scenario that feeds the acts of war and violence, without which the weapons industry would fade into oblivion .