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obliterate / уничтожать, стирать, вычеркивать
destroy, kill, consume, demolish, annihilate, obliterate
wash, erase, wear, wear off, obliterate, delete
cross out, delete, strike out, cross off, scratch, obliterate
destroy utterly; wipe out.
the memory was so painful that he obliterated it from his mind
This terrifying shadowy swarm would obliterate the white light.
In this prophecy it talks about a key that will destroy and completely obliterate the world.
While executing their musical duties, the nine members obliterate their identities via different masks and matching uniforms and go by numbers rather than names, starting with #0.
During World War II, he served with the United States Air Corps ‘Statistical Control,’ where he helped determine the most efficient way to obliterate Japanese cities.
Today we do nothing but disseminate corruption in the world; we obliterate and destroy the world.
I want to strike back, pulverise, kill, obliterate anyone who has caused this harm to my city.
He has seen his country crushed under the heel of a ‘liberating’ force which has destroyed its monasteries, killed its religious leaders, and done its best to obliterate its native culture.
the special stamp should be placed on the left-hand side and not be used to obliterate the postage stamp
Which city are they going to threaten to obliterate this time?
The procedure is contraindicated for patients with distal or obliterative disease, and those with combined pelvic and distal obliterative disease.