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obliquely / косо, наклонно, косвенно
obliquely, askance, askew, slantwise, aslant, bias
obliquely, aslant
indirectly, by implication, obliquely, marginally, intermediately, by interaction
ambiguously, obliquely
not in a direct way; indirectly.
he referred only obliquely to current events
in an oblique direction; slantwise.
these markings cross the wing obliquely
The lingual root arises directly from the base of the lingual shelf, is slender, and extends obliquely medially as well as vertically.
The plant has 45 cm high clustered leafy stems with pinnately arranged pale green lance-shaped leaflets obliquely banded with pure white.
Their puzzle comes from the fact that they are oriented obliquely to the direction of formative bottom current flow.
I have blogged about work (albeit obliquely ).
He has, for example, referred only obliquely to his battle with polio.
the strings of the instrument run obliquely away from the player
At this moment a battery opened on our left, the shots crossing our heads obliquely .
The superior temporal gyrus is subdivided into two or more obliquely running, short, transverse temporal gyri.
Today however the President was to take the high road, referring only obliquely to his challenger.
Indeed, the question of his resignation was obliquely hinted at during occasionally acerbic Commons exchanges.