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obligatory / обязательный, обязывающий, облигатный
имя прилагательное
mandatory, obligatory, compulsory, binding, bound, required
binding, obligatory, imperative
obligate, obligatory
имя прилагательное
required by a legal, moral, or other rule; compulsory.
use of seat belts in cars is now obligatory
The command gains obligatory force because it is judged worthy of obedience.
At this point, I decided to change my strategy and made the obligatory pit stop earlier than expected.
They took the obligatory 45 minutes to be fashionably late, and boy, did we ever love them for it.
Neither governments nor courts have accepted the Universal Declaration as an instrument with obligatory force.
Mortgage protection policies are only obligatory when buying your own home - they are not required for investment properties.
And then of course, as is apparently compulsory these days, there's the obligatory shock twist ending that doesn't stand up to a moment's scrutiny.
While it is a fact that the Official Guide rules extra time obligatory at the end of a second draw, it also allows the League organisers to draw up their own rules before the start of such competitions.
With all the attention lavished on big cases by the media, have such appearances become obligatory and, as a result, changed the rules that lawyers must follow?
It only took around an hour to get to the summit of Mt Loch, which was rather disappointing, so after the obligatory snowball fight, we got serious and ventured along another trail that we found.
During his rule an obligatory school system was introduced.