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objectify / воплощать, овеществлять
incarnate, embody, personify, epitomize, externalize, objectify
reify, objectify
express (something abstract) in a concrete form.
good poetry objectifies feeling
Sayer explains that new undergrads in sociology will, eventually and unfortunately, be taught to objectify class and distance themselves from it, in order to ‘better’ study it.
The effect has been to objectify these occupations and give short shrift to their mythologizers: at least to those who would see a mythos as crude as Confucianism.
Doubtless, any of these stories could be denounced as ‘sexist’ because they objectify women's bodies.
The depersonalised character of traditional diagnoses allowed the sufferer to objectify the condition as something ‘out there’, perhaps a somewhat forced abstraction, but one with some pragmatic value.
This is where he differs from the fundamentalists who always objectify Truth as something external to them and ask everyone to follow it.
This all reminds me much of clients who come to me begging to serve me, to make them utterly obedient, to humiliate and degrade and objectify them - just as they have imagined it in their fantasies, to the note.
My mother complained to the principal and the Commissioner of Education that we were being taught to glorify war, admire military strategy, and objectify the killing and maiming of human beings.
The negative publicity washes off Neil, who says he can use his barrister's mind to objectify the slurs.
Writing about the problem seems to objectify it, make it less important.
Among the Kashmiri saint-poets, none has made a comparable brilliant use of this technique for the objectification of his devotion.