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obituary / некролог, список умерших
имя существительное
obituary, necrologue, necrology
список умерших
obituary, necrology
имя прилагательное
funeral, funereal, mortuary, funerary, feral, obituary
obituary, necrologic
funerary, mortuary, sepulchral, obsequial, obituary, charnel
имя существительное
a notice of a death, especially in a newspaper, typically including a brief biography of the deceased person.
the obituary of a friend
This letter contained an obituary notice and some psychotic ramblings.
This was the obituary notice that appeared in the paper regarding his death.
One of the regulars was the man who walked around the town pasting large posters on the walls, usually obituary notices.
It began with an obituary and a reporter's talk with a grieving family.
an obituary notice
Every day that passes sees the obituary columns of broadsheet newspapers bring us more examples.
it is premature to write the obituary of British science
an obituary notice
Newspaper obituary columns are changing but they are essentially respectful of the dead.
Alongside is her name in black bold square print - the kind used in obituary notices.