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obeisance / почтение, уважение, почтительный поклон
имя существительное
reverence, respect, respects, honor, esteem, obeisance
respect, consideration, esteem, regard, honor, obeisance
почтительный поклон
имя существительное
deferential respect.
they paid obeisance to the prince
She offered it as obeisance to the Lord Brihadeeswara, presiding deity of the temple.
It's interesting that he has drawn so much criticism for ascribing intrinsic value to this dialect without making the proper obeisance to external circumstances that accompanied its development.
All 32 members in the troupe perform the Natakam as an obeisance to Melattur Varadaraja Perumal.
Temple bells chimed as men in flowing kurtas and multicoloured turbans and bejewelled women in vivid pinks and purples paid obeisance to their guru, Baba Gulabgir.
Kirtans (devotional songs) rendered the air while the faithful paid obeisance and listened to the kirtans and the Gurbani (Guru's voice).
Infact Shiva's devotee, Sudheet approached Uma to pay his respectful obeisance .
Kantha Rao said he gradually got over his fear of snakes and would get at least a couple of them home from snake charmers every ‘Subrahmanya Shashti’ to pay obeisance to them.
I'm afraid the day of the teacher, the priest and the doctor being the three important people to whom you pay obeisance is not around any longer, certainly not in Europe.
The Bangkokians poured out on the roads to pay obeisance in temples.
That term cleverly covers all those who make no regular obeisance but do have in their hearts a suspicion that there is something beyond all this and that it may be called God.