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obedient / покорный, послушный
имя прилагательное
obedient, submissive, humble, resigned, docile, dutiful
obedient, docile, tractable, good, biddable, obeying
имя существительное
novice, novitiate, noviciate, obedient, probationer
имя прилагательное
complying or willing to comply with orders or requests; submissive to another's will.
she was totally obedient to him
They are expected to be obedient and comply with requests from adults immediately.
Other people enjoy the dance of the fingers across an obedient keyboard.
Iain has encouraged me to share this with you and since I'm such an obedient wife…
No one knows what to make of her because she seems so obedient .
Dee believed the Angels to be obedient servants of God, submissive to the authority of Christ.
Sometimes, he turns me into a child and I become shy and obedient .
Even grown men are expected to take orders from their mothers, expected to be obedient till the day they die.
We have been taught to be obedient to authorities and not to think for ourselves much.
Her daughters also read spiritual works and were obedient to their mother.
Kate is eventually tamed and obedient towards her husband by the end of the play.