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oatcake / овсяная лепешка
имя существительное
овсяная лепешка
имя существительное
a thin, unleavened cake made of oatmeal.
Besides its primary uses in porridge and oatcakes , oatmeal features in haggis, in certain types of sausage, as a coating for herring, also for potatoes, and sometimes for dumplings.
If you suffer from morning sickness, try the following home remedies: nibble on a ginger biscuit before getting up and try to eat a little something often - perhaps a biscuit, oatcake or crispbread.
The dessert menu was tempting but in the end, we opted for a shared cheese platter which featured a wide and varied selection of Scotland's finest, perfectly presented with oatcakes , celery and grapes.
Crackers and sweet biscuits reinforced one of the tins of oatcakes , which had stood throughout the meal on every table.
The month before I go on a trip I eat lots of carbohydrates - oatcakes , brown rice and potatoes - at every meal.
Fortifying myself with the thought that the best food is often painstakingly familiar and simple fare, wonderfully prepared, I decided to start with the parfait of chicken livers with redcurrant jelly and oatcakes .
For those who have to snack, the doctor recommends healthy options such as fruit, yoghurt, or oatcakes .
I always travel with a couple of oatcakes and energy bars, which certainly came in handy last year when airport security measures kept me out of reach of food for almost ten hours.
It also bestows a sense of pride that Scotland is still producing quality raw ingredients - ready to be converted into oatcakes , mealie puddings and brose.
Both girls were heading for the Isle of Arran, home of supposedly the best homemade oatcakes in the whole of Britain.
There is marmalade - and jam made from Scottish strawberries or raspberries - and in the bread bin beside the granary loaf are some oatcakes and barley bannocks.