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oar / весло, гребец, лопатка
имя существительное
paddle, oar
rower, oarsman, oar, puller, waterman, oarer
shoulder blade, scapula, vane, paddle, shoulder, oar
row, pull, oar
имя существительное
a pole with a flat blade, pivoting in an oar lock, used to row or steer a boat through the water.
As well as traditional rowing oars and sculls, they manufacture oars for surf boat rowing, and transatlantic teams.
row; propel with or as with oars.
oaring the sea like madmen
The crew suddenly lost their stroke oar to eligibility issues, and Erickson was back to the drawing board to find a line-up.
He relates the importance of the thole, which secures the oar to the boat, and notes that towing was the expedition's worst job assignment.
I was stroke oar and John was in the bow
The person on the port side all the way aft is the stroke oar , the rower who sets the pace that everyone else must match.
He is considered by many as the best ‘stroke’ oar in the long history of lightweight rowing at Harvard.
Smith got his oar stuck in the water and had to stop rowing with 600 metres to go.
The canoe slowed down to a stop and Pierce set the oars back in the boat.
She saw a small wooden dock, and a wooden rowboat with two oars floating in the water.
The ship can be easily steered with just the oars doing all the work when the sail is down.
Sailors pushed up and down on the oars like a water pump to manoeuvre the boat.