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oaf / болван, нескладеха, дурачок
имя существительное
boob, blockhead, doodle, dummy, loggerhead, oaf
lob, oaf
nincompoop, ninny, airhead, dummy, nut, oaf
имя прилагательное
ugly, deformed, malformed, monstrous, misshapen, oaf
имя существительное
a stupid, uncultured, or clumsy person.
She smiled and sipped her coffee, but he still heard her murmur, ‘Uncultured oaf .’
‘Look where you're going, you oaf !’ she shouted at him.
If the story so obviously made no sense that any chat show oaf could tear it apart, I don't think they'd be taking it as seriously as they are.
It is a mystery beyond all mysteries, unless, I do not think this could be possible, could one of my daughters have fallen in love with this oaf and told him everything?
And certainly it's just the tip of the iceberg with this militant oaf .
Female waitresses and bartenders everywhere know exactly what it's like to have to simper in silence in the face of some witless, leering oaf .
She smiled and sipped her coffee, but he still heard her murmur, ‘Uncultured oaf .’
Why did they all seem to think that I fell feelings for that insignificant oaf whose purpose of living is to make other lives - well mostly mine - completely and utterly wretched?
That ungentlemanly oaf - he should have at least thought of giving you a ride back here.
Bart, you brainless oaf , the least you could've done for her is give her your coat.
Many professional dancers make ends meet, or simply share their love of the art, by teaching classes in studios that are surprisingly manageable for your average clumsy oaf .